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It’s actually easy to make use of this platform. All you have to do is send in your write-ups in the form of a decently typed article. Articles can range from topics on relationships, education, health, politics, lifestyle, motivational, stories, poetry, reviews, etc.

But before forwarding your articles, ensure you adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Articles should be original, i.e., not copied from a different source that is not originally yours. If some information is derived from other sources, please state the source in the article.

2. Articles should, as much as possible, refrain from insults directed towards a particular gender, ethnic group, race, or religious group. Any article that is guilty of this is more likely not to get published.

3. Articles should also be fairly accurate where dates, events, and places are mentioned.

4. Articles should, as much as possible, be grammatically correct and void of glaring grammatical errors. This does not mean the vernacular cannot be used. This does not mean we frown at creative use of words; if you write in Pidgin English, ensure you adhere to proper spelling and refrain from using words with ambiguous meaning.

5. Articles should have a picture related to the article topic included in the article. This helps out a great deal, as our blog system lays out articles with a picture thumb, but when unavailable, the editor holds the right to attach any picture he deems fit before publishing such an article.

Any article that adheres to this guideline will be published within 48 hours, with copies of the edited draft sent to the original writer before publication.

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